Tamar Sevajian, MS LMFT 112978 
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist 
The Huis Center 
180 S. Lake Ave, Suite 340, Pasadena, CA 91101


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GROUPS: (8-week)                                                              

2- Anger Management 
1- Grief-Care

Effective communication is key to conflict resolution. It includes learning to assert yourself without sounding confrontational, as well as practicing active listening.

I use Restoration Therapy which helps to identify an individual's dysfunctional patterns-negative feelings and resulting destructive coping behaviors. Learning about the difference between Pain and Peace Cycles helps my clients become aware of their own patterns of thoughts and behaviors. Learning to choose their truths and strengths change their perspectives; hence their relationships.  

When working with multigenerational families, it is helpful to point out to certain patterns of codependency, enmeshments or emotional cut-offs. Learning about healthy boundaries can be truly liberating!
I am passionate about inspiring people with hope without which we cannot endure life. There is a hidden jewel inside each person waiting to become discovered. Sometimes this may take some digging and poking. However, the results can be transformational!